November 2010

InChem Corp. Purchases Recovery Technologies Corp. and Arranges Partnership with VTA

InChem Corp., an established toll and custom chemical manufacturer, has purchased the business and assets of Recovery Technologies Corp. (RTC) for its complementary technology. Both companies are located in Rock Hill, S.C. RTC specializes in thin film and molecular distillation, deep vacuum distillation, and has a solid business in the purification of nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements, personal care products and flavor-fragrance chemicals and other niche products,” said Steve Crownshaw, President of InChem Corp. “RTC was formed in 2007 and operates independently on InChem’s 46-acre site.

“This acquisition brings in-house a new core competence that will be available to InChem’s expanding customer base, with distillation capabilities from trial quantities as low as one kg per hour all the way up to full-scale, one ton per hour of production volume,” Crownshaw said.

“This purchase is in keeping with our strategy to pursue bolt-on acquisitions to expand our processing capabilities to better serve our customers,” said David Minchin, Vice President of Commercial Development at InChem. “Our services range from research and process development to full-scale commercial production of a wide range of chemical products, many custom-manufactured to our customers’ specific requirements.”

Jay Railey, owner of RTC, commented, “I am delighted to have established the RTC business and passed it on to the capable hands at InChem. They have the resources to take this business to the next level and serve a wider range of customers in the ever-changing chemical marketplace.”

At the same time, InChem has also made a collateral agreement with VTA, which installed the primary equipment used by RTC, Crownshaw said. “Going forward, InChem and VTA will work together to offer testing services using this equipment for their customers as well as ours.”

“We’re delighted to have this new partnership with InChem,” said Bob Schavey, business development manager for VTA’s U.S. operations. “Our company’s line of chemical manufacturing equipment fits in well with InChem’s custom and toll chemical manufacturing business. VTA’s deep vacuum distillation equipment allows very precise separation of more volatile chemical components from the more stable components, using controlled temperature and pressure.”

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Thin Film EvaporatorSeptember 2009

We Are Growing!
Due to the expansion of VTA GmbH, we will move into our new office building located next to our assembly and manufacturing halls in Niederwinkling, Germany (about 15 km away from Deggendorf). Download map (pdf)
The location of our laboratory and toll distillation facilities will, for now, remain at our facility in Deggendorf.
Beginning September 4th, 2009, you will find us at the following address:
                        Bernrieder Straße 10
                        94559 Niederwinkling

Thin Film EvaporatorAugust 2009

VTA presents its new horizontal agitated film evaporator in glass construction. This unit is 70 mm inside diameter and can be configured with a rigid evaporator rotor or a drying rotor. It can be operated in co-current or counter-current fashion. The construction is of high quality borosilicate glass, is fully jacketed and can be fitted with stainless steel internals as well as various high nickel alloys.
This unit is ideal for development since it only requires small samples and the operator has a visual image of the process.

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