Pilot Systems Pilot System

Operating Objectives

  • Optimization of Operating Parameters for the Individual Process Steps
  • Obtain Design Data for Scaleup to Commercial Process
  • Optimization of the Performance of the Evaporators
  • Development of New Processes
  • Production of Sample Products of 1-5 tons
  • Toll Distillation up to 5 tons/month
  • Development of Evaporators and Wiper Systems


  • Jacketed Agitated Reactor with or without Rectification Column
  • Wiped Film Distillation Plant
  • Wiped Film Evaporator Used as Reboiler for a Rectificaion Column
  • Short Path Distillation Plant with or without Degasser
  • Combination of Above Units
  • Selection of 6 Different Wiper Systems

Operating Conditions

  • Distillation Temperatures Up to 350oC
  • Jacketed Piping Up to 200oC
  • Melting Oven Up to 200oC
  • Operating Pressures Down to 10-3 mbar
  • Throughputs of 2 - 50 kg/hour
  • Mass Balance Information by Mass Flow Meters of Balances
  • PLC Control of the Plants
  • Supervisory Control and Data Logging of All Relavent Process Data with Process Trending
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