• VTA Wiped Film and Short Path Distillation Plants Feature:

    • High Turbulence in a Wiped Film for High Mass and Heat Transfer
    • Short Residence Time for Low Thermal Stress of the Products
    • Evaporation in One Pass , No Circulation
    • Small Film Thickness, No Hydrostatic Height
    • No Product Fouling on the Heated Evaporator Wall Due to High Turbulence of Wiped Film
    • High Turndown Ratio, High Flexibility for Variation in Requirements
    • Distillation of High Viscosity Products by Special Designed Wiper Systems
    • Low operating pressure Down to One Micron to Decrease Boiling Temperature

    Wiped Film Evaporator
    With External Condenser
    Atmosphere to 1 mm Hg

    Short Path Evaporator
    (Molecular Distillation)
    With Internal Condenser
    Atmosphere to 1 x 10-3 mm Hg


    Rotor Designs

    Roller Wiper Scraper Block Wiper Pendulum Blade Fixed Clearance Hinged Blade
    Vapor Flow Co-Current, Counter-Current
    Materials of Construction SS, Hastelloy, Glasslined and other metals
    Design Orientation Vertical, Horizontal, Straight Bore or Tapered
    Drying In Thin Film Evaporators with Solid Discharge
    In Screw Dryers by ANRO

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