Pictures of Delivered Plants
2176_01 Shortpath Evaporator 50 sqm Shortpath Evaporators during Assembly on Site Two Stage Shortpath Distillation Plant
3040 Two Stage Pilot Plant Skid Mounted Pilot Plant (3-Stage) Shortpath Distillation Plant
Thinfilm Evaporator Plant Shortpath Distillation Plant Thinfilm Evaporators 38 sqm Two Stage Pilot Plant with Degasser 2078 Multi Stage Pilot Plant (skid mounted)
8 sqm and 10 sqm Evaporators 15 sqm and 20 sqm Evaporators 4687 Single Stage Pilot Plant (Shortpath) Laboratory Distillation Plant with Rectification Column Thinfilm Evaporator plant with column
Laboratory Thinfilm Distillation Plant VTA 5818 large skid

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